What to Wear in a Sauna Blanket

What to wear in a sauna blanket is one of the most common questions we’ve been asked here at Sweathouse.

When using the Sweat Blanket, our premium at-home infrared sauna blanket, we recommend wearing loose, comfy clothing that covers your body – something that you don’t mind getting very sweaty! Think thin and baggy, and avoid tight fitting sports tops and leggings.

When it comes to material, bamboo or bamboo charcoal is the top of the range when it comes to infrared saunas. This is because bamboo charcoal absorbs and emit far infrared rays, which will enhance the benefits from your sweat session. However, most people might not own any bamboo or bamboo charcoal clothing, so your next best bet is cotton. Avoid Spandex/Lycra!

Remember to cover your body, especially if you enjoy your sweat sessions on a higher temperature. A long sleeve top, long trousers and socks are best. We’ve been told that many infrared sauna blanket sweaters prefer wearing nothing in their sweat blanket, but depending on the temperature of your sauna blanket, your body may feel burning or have temporary heat markets from the blanket, so do this cautiously at your own risk.

Additionally, remove all metal jewelry and other metal products before using your infrared sauna blanket. You may also decide to use a sweat headband to keep sweat from running down your face.

The Sweat Blanket was designed to be experienced with a barrier between your body and the blanket. Place a towel inside the blanket underneath your body for additional comfort. This is important if you enjoy your sweat session on a higher temperature, so you don’t get too hot or cause any temporary heat marks.

Now you know what to wear in a sauna blanket, experience it for yourself! Check out our Sweat Blanket, the premium infrared sauna blanket, here.

If you need any more convincing, check out the infrared sauna blanket reviews on the Sweat Blanket product page!

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